You can join Richmond Cohousing in three different ways, reflecting anything from “just interested in learning more” to a more serious commitment to our cohousing community here in Richmond.

Friends are interested in the Richmond Cohousing project but are not ready to become Provisional or Full Members. Friends are always welcome at social and educational events, and may attend plenary or committee meetings. Friends stay on the general email list for as long as they would like.

If you think living in cohousing might be for you, you can join Richmond Cohousing as a Provisional Member. Joining is a multi-step process, and we ask that you:

Provisional members are active members and are involved in committee and business (aka “plenary”) meetings, but are not eligible to vote on group decisions. Provisional Members will also receive a copy of Creating Cohousing (a book that will help you more fully understand the principles and designs of cohousing) and join the member e-mail listserv and receive access to shared group documents.

20160605_182036A Full Member is ready to commit time, energy, and money to Richmond Cohousing and are committed to purchasing a unit in the community. To become a Full Member, a Provisional Member must:

  • Participate in a Committee and attend Plenary meetings
  • Prequalify for financing (or submit a letter indicating intention to purchase home outright) for their desired unit
  • Review the Full Member Orientation Checklist with the Membership Team
  • Review and sign the Membership and Operating Agreements
  • Pay a $400 non-refundable joining fee and $2000 capital contribution (which helps fund our ongoing expenses – like this website!). Capital contributions may be waived, if needed, as development is nearly complete.

Full members are eligible to vote on all group decisions and will choose units in the order in which they join.