Richmond Cohousing

Richmond Cohousing is a group of families living in a multi-generational, urban cohousing community in Richmond, VA. The community, at 901 Porter Street, is in the walkable/bikable Manchester neighborhood with many nearby features including a library, restaurants, shops, playgrounds and pocket parks, and close proximity to river attractions. Our building has 19 single-level one-, two- and three-bedroom units on four floors, a large common space on the first floor for cooking and dining together, a dedicated kids room, and a rooftop deck for outdoor play, socials, conversations, and container gardening. Construction began March 2019 and members first moved in during 2020.

Many people have never heard of cohousing (also spelled co-housing), but it’s nothing more than the old-fashioned neighborhood updated to meet modern needs. Cohousing communities are intentional, collaborative neighborhoods created with a little ingenuity. Residents know their neighbors, encouraging a sense of community that may be absent in contemporary cities and suburbs. Private, conventional dwellings are individually owned but residents also have access to shared common amenities and often participate in community meals. Everything is designed and managed by the residents who consciously commit to live in a close-knit neighborhood that seeks a healthy blend of privacy and community.

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