Mission and Vision

Mission Statement — To create an intentionally designed community of individually-owned homes where households are good neighbors and conscientious environmental stewards. Living in close proximity and sharing resources, we increase quality of life by caring for one another, celebrating together, reducing consumption, decreasing our impact on the environment, and offering Richmond a new model of vibrant neighborhood design.

Vision Statement — We are a diverse, multi-generational cohousing community located in an urban setting within downtown Richmond, VA. We envision a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood committed to energy efficiency and affordability. We designed our community to include private dwellings, welcoming common spaces, edible and native plant landscaping, and a space for children. We commit to creating a supportive and enriching community that fosters connection with each other and the larger community. We embrace opportunities to work and play together. We host regular common meals, community celebrations and social gatherings. We support each other through life’s challenges and joys and will work together to care for our land and shared facilities. We have agreed on shared governance and open dialogue.

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