Meet Karl and Laurel

This is the first of a series of articles about a Richmond Cohousing family. Follow their journey here.

Karl & LaurelKarl and Laurel met in college, married, and raised three children. Recently their children have moved away from home, which prompted Karl and Laurel to think about their future and how they want to live. While they wanted to continue having the flexibility of having a space of their own, as their home in the suburbs provided, they also wanted more sense of connection with the people in the neighborhood. 

They started exploring and looking for options. In a serendipitous moment, there was a cohousing event the day after they found out about the concept of cohousing. They dived in and haven’t looked back (that they’ve told us anyways).

So far their cohousing journey of 3 years has been more than they expected. They describe both the intangible values of friendship and community, alongside the importance of a compatible living space. The next stories in this series will follow their stories, feelings, and ramblings as they go from concept to living the cohousing dream. 

Richmond Cohousing was founded in 2011, has a total of 25+ community members, and is currently under development in the Manchester neighborhood of Richmond, VA. Ground-breaking occurred March 2019. Karl and Laurel (and the rest of the Richmond Cohousing community) will move in to the completed building in April-May 2020. Currently, 14 of the 19 condo units are sold.

If you are interested in learning more about the 5 available units in Richmond Cohousing, contact the Membership Team at info@richmondcohousing or 804.592.6091.

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